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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Blue Moon by Wet n' Wild Wild Shine (30)

This is a interesting color to say the least, its a duochrome. It's a dark blue with a green sheen, that doesn't like to photograph well for me. I had worn this once and then forgot when I had put it on. I really is a beautiful color not something that I have a lot of in my collection of polishes.

Review 8/10

Dry Speed: 2 points- Dried well, especially after waiting a few mins after applying my second coat.
Application: 1 point- Was a little streaky on a few nails, easily covered with another coat.
Price: 2 points- Only $2 for this. i know it could have been better if I got this in a BOGO. But I'm just happy that cheep in price didn't translate into cheap product.
Wear: 2 points- I got a full 5 days wear out of this bad boy. Thats awsome personally. I have very few polishes that make it to even 3 days let alone 5 with my soft, flexable nails.
Opaque: 1 point- Was not completely opaque with one coat, but was solved with the second.

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