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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Kiwi Scented By Hot Topic (33)

 So this is one of the most interesting polishes ever. I had bought this just before the revlon scented polishes came out so I didn't buy any if those. I found the finish to be off putting. You can't tell in the pics because I took them so late and for some reason I couldn't get the polish to stop eating my top coat. It got a little shiney but not like I normally get it.
 Review 7/10
Dry Speed: 0 points- After 48 hours, I still got dents in my polish. Seriously?
Application:1 point- Brush was decent, it was the cap that was a pain. It is so small I could bearly hold it.
Price: 2 points- It was like $2.50 for this bottle and since it was a specialty polish I think this is fair.
Wear: 2 points- Lasted 4 days or wear.
Opaque: 2 points: full coverage after one coat. Did a second just for safety.

Until next time...

Baked, Not Fried swatches.

Hey guys! Sorry I have been MIA for what feels like forever. I was dealing with finals and end of the semester stuff. I hope you guys can forgive me, because I can promise that for the rest of the month I am going to be posting my heart out. I have a lot of swatching to do and a few reviews. More polish and lots more makeup looks.
So for now I am posting about one of the holiday baked shadows from Wet n' Wild Baked Holiday Collection. This is the Baked, not Fried set. It is just a neutral palette. It is pretty and shimmery but it has bad color payout and even worst fallout. I found this out just from the swatches. I have like 3 or 4 dry applications of these shadows on my skin. The top half is dry no primer, and the bottom is over Elf Mineralized primer.

 This is to show the colors themselves.
 This is to show the shimmer/metalic sheen they have. Pretty but difficult to work with.
The palette also came with an eyeliner. It is a sample and Ill most likely throw it in a project pan at some point.

Until next time...

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Simmer and Shimmer by OPI (32)

 Ok, so I'm so behind I got caught up in an english paper that is like 5% of my grade. I hope you lovely's will forgive my absence. I have this beauty on review. Lets just say I love this polish. It's glitter and colorful. I felt like I had disco ball nails and kept wiggling my fingers in the sunlight. Not that this IS a pain in the butt to remove! I had so many layers I had to do like 4 techniques to remove it all.
This is a close up of the polish so you can fully see all the colored glitter in it.
Review 7/10

Dry Speed: 2 points- It dried really well for me. I was even able to start moving around after 2 minutes.
Application: 1 point-Stupid OPI brush! It made the glitter go on spotty.
Price: 2 points- This is another $4.25 OPI. I love that part.
Wear:  2 points- I got four days wear and even then I only had one little crack on one nail.
Opaque: 0 Points- This was a big fail for me. I had on so many layers to get full coverage, that I don't remember how many I put on.

Until next time...

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Grimm Makeup Collaboration!

So today is going to be a little different from before. Todays look is a collaboration look with Taryn from I met her through a beauty group on facebook and after posting how much we both enjoy the tv series Grimm, we decieded to do a collaboration based of each episode.

Background on show: Based off the Brother's Grimm Fairytales. Episode one is about a twisted little red riding hood, the focus was not about the girl but more about the big bad wolf in the show. Episode two is about bears, and if you know your fairytales you know that goldilocks made a mess in their house. I'm really loving this show right now, and how they are able to mesh 2 of my favorite things together. Wich are cop shows and fairytales.

We decided to each do an episode. I did the first episode and based my look off of a few key elements from the show. All of the girls had on red sweaters, and they disappeared in the woods.
Products I used:
Covergirl Ultimate Finish Liquid Powder Make-up (classic ivory)
Mark Matte Powder (matte mid)
Shimmer Powder
Fashion Blush (1)
Mabelline Mineral Power (gentle pink)
Elf Mineral Eyeshadow Primer
Moi Minerals Eyeshadow (rockstar red)
Mineral Maven Eyeshadow (cat fight)
My Beauty Addiction Molten Mineral Eyeshadow (milk chocolate)
Hard Candy Powder Keg (Delinquent)
L.A. Colors Shimmer Loose Eyeshadow (snow white)
Hard Candy Powder Keg (gunpowder)
Elf Liquid Eyeliner (black)
Hard Candy Take Me Out Eyeliner (abyss)
Maybelline The Falsies Mascara (black drama)
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick (softshell pink)
Wet n' Wild Lipstick (522A)
Elf Minty Lip Gloss (new york city)

I really do love the basic story of little red riding hood. We all know the lines of:
My, Grandma, what big eyes you have.
All the better to see you with.
My, Grandma, what big ears you have.
All the better to hear you with.
My, Grandma, what big teeth you have.
All the better to eat you with...

In the clean version the woods man comes in and kills the wolf before the wolf can eat red. In the orignal version grandma and red get eaten and the woods man cuts them out. Basicly wolf dies, and everyone lives happy ever after.

Taryn did goldilocks and the three bears episode. Go check out her look. We will be doing another collab on Wed, 2 weeks from now. So stay tooned in for more collabs.

Until next time...

Friday, November 11, 2011

Large Polish haul!

So I finally reached 10 followers (now 13) so I treated myself to few goodies I had been eyeballing for a while now.

I love me some Sinful Colors. I know they were bought out by Revlon and all, but I can'y help but love them. I got Sugar Sugar, Boom Boom, All About You, San Fancisco, Queen of Beauty, Innocent, Nivana, and Hottie.
Close up's of the beauties.

Now here are some real treats. I was able to gte my hands on some of the muppets collection I'll be goin back after the holidays for the rest, hopefully they still have them. The ones I have here: Warm & Fuzzie, Meep Meep Meep, Excuse Moi, Animal-istic, Desigener...De Better!, Gettin' Miss Piggy With It, Devine Swine. I got three glitter polishes. They are so pretty I just couldn't pass them up.
Until next time...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Meet Me on the Star Ferry by OPI (31)

 I was instantly drawn to this polish when I saw it in the clearence bin. It was so pretty, I was thinking it was goin to go on lighter. But over all I'm happy with the color. Its like a plum with pink tones and holographic glitter in it, very eye catching for me. This was also really to take off even with the glitz.

Review 6 /10
Dry Speed: 0 points- I felt like it took forever, I got a dent in my thumb and couldn't get it to smooth out.
Application: 1 point-I hate OPI brushes(my oppinion only). Every one of the polishes has a brush that is way to big for my baby nails, so I always have a massive clean up.
Price: 2 points- Normally OPI is like $8 for a regular sized bottle of polish. I paid $4.25 for this yay!
Wear: 2 points- I got a full 5 days wear on this beaut.
Opaque: 1 point- Felt kind of thin on the first coat of polish but totally opaque after the second coat.

Until next time...

Sunday, November 6, 2011

LOTD 11/3/2011 and Sparkle Challenge!

This weeks sparkle challenge is to match your eye color. I happen to have hazel eyes. So I got to play with greens and browns. 
 Products I used:
MAC MSF Natural (medium)
Mary Kay Blush (azalea)
Elf Mineral Eye Primer
Alexeter Mineral Eyeshadow (Romp)
Random palette
Elf Mist and Set
My Beauty Addictions (milk chocolate)
Wet n Wilds Eyeliner (brown)
Maybelline The Falsies Mascara (black drama)
 I loved how the MBA shadow turned into a beautiful liner for me.
Until next time...

LOTD 11/1/2011

This is a little late, but I finally had a few mins to myself to get this up. I have been cleaning/ rearranging my room since I got new containers to put my makeup in. I have most of it done now Its just taking care of nail stuff now. I have no idea what to do with it really. Also I have been sewing up a storm for my little shop. 
Products I used:
MAC MSF natural (medium)
Mary Kay Blush (azalea)
Random palette (colors are marked)
Hard Candy Take Me Out Eyeliner (abyss)
Maybelline The Falsies Mascara (black drama)
Fasion Lipstick (21)

This got really washed out for some reason once I had cropped out my snoz. I was really happy with how this had turned out in real life though.
Until next time...

Saturday, November 5, 2011

MAC Haul!

I finally was able to go to MAC again. I have used up a few things and like I've said before I would replace them with a few MAC products. So far I have had good luck in finding products that I really like. I was really tempted to get some of the new glitter and ice items but I know if I really like them and use it all, I wont be able to replace it. So I try to stay away from the collections for right now.

What I have used up is:
2 mascaras
1 lipgloss
1 pressed face powder
1 foundation

Since I have already bought one mascara, I didnt want to buy another. So I what I did get was still and eye product but this is something that I have seen used by some of my favorite youtube girls, so I figured it needed to make its way in to my hoard. I got the soft ochre paint pot. I really like this product. I haven't really used it mainly because I haven't done my makeup seriously in a few days, I also got a MSF natural powder in medium. The girl working said that the light is really pale. When she tried it on me it was a perfect match.

Here is soft ochre swatched on my hand. Its really yellow compaired to my skin tone, but I think I can make it work.
Until next time...

Friday, November 4, 2011

Wet N Wild Bake-Off Contest Swatches!

These are limited edition palettes from Wet n' Wild. They look so pretty and festive in the packaging right?

I have been really surprised by wnw's pigmenation from their palettes lately compaired to when I first tried them when I was a lot younger. Unfortantly these do not meet those standards that they just set for them selves.
Here are swatches of just this pallette. The top row is dry no primer, bottom row is over primer. For the most part you need a primer just to see some of the color. The black is the worest of the dark colors. Its so not pigmented. I dont know if the fact that these are baked rather than just pressed makes a difference in the pigmentation or not, but personally I think I may skip their baked shadow from now on.
Until next time...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

LOTD 10/31/2011

 So yesterday I was looking at some of my makeup that I had stashed in a corner of my makeup area. I rediscovered this palette. I have had it for so long. I got when I was living with my nana. I have hit pan on one of the colors and I believe I'm close to pan on the light cream color as well. Also the colors are really pigmented for the most part. I knew I was goin to MAC the morning I did this so I wanted to make sure I wore colors bright enough to last the day.

Products Used:
Neutrogina Mineral Loose Powder (Natrual Ivory)
Blush from palette
Hard Candy Take Me Out Eyeliner (Abyss)
Maybelline The Flasies Mascara (Black Drama)
Are bare... Gasp! : D

 I think I filled my brows as well but I dont remember mainly because it's not something I do all the time.
Until next time...

Haul from 10/29/2011

As you can see I have been shopping once again! I was so happy to finally have money so that I could go shopping. I think I went a little wild mainly cuz most of this is LE and I can't get it once its gone.

 I got a lot of Elf. The Mist and set is something that I have been wanting to try really bad. I also grabbed and angled eyeliner brush I found the angled flat brush was just to hard to work with. So I figured I give this a go. Also found Elf's minty lipgloss in Miami.
 This next one is something I have seen and I loved the color range. I was really happy at the amount of neutrals came in this palette. Also whats great is that these are much bigger then the normal 100 palette. So its more product for your buck.
Next I spoted these beauts. These are the LE baked eyeshadows from Wet n Wild. This one is baked, not fried. It's loaded with great neutral shades and brown metallic liner!
Then we have Baking a cake. These are really pretty in person. It has 4 pink shades, a brown, and a purple with a black liner.
Then we have Bake-off Contest. These are some really pretty blues with a silver matellic liner. All swatches on these will be posted later.
This is the Elf 100 palette, see all the colors. I's so excited to try this out.

Next is the Elf lipgloss Miami.
I thought I'd be nice and give you one swatch of my goodies.
Until next time...

LOTD 10/29/2011

So I know this is a little late. I have been busy doing a lot of running around and working on my new shop! So I have been a busy beaver you can say. Any ways this is what I did for my makeup that day. I really wanted something warm cuz for the first time all week it was WARM outside. I get cold so easy. It was also really bright outside so please don't mind the squeenty eyes. I tried to get go pics.

 Products I used:
Mary Kay Blush (Azalea)
Giovi Palette (see below for colors)
Hard Candy Take Me Out Eyeliner (Abyss)
Maybelline The Flasies Mascara (Black Drama)
Hard Candy Lash Tinsel (Spellbound)
Fasion Lipstick (21)

 You can kind of see the glitter in the Hard Candy mascara. This stuff is a PITA! I had such bad clumping. I had to fluff my lashes out so I didnt get spider lashes.

I wore this look to a thanksgiving dinner. A guy I grew up with is in the Army. He just came home a few days ago and is being shipped to afganistan in a week or so. He will be gone for a year and most likely not see a thanksgiving with his family and friends for two years. They "say" he'll be back before next Christmas. Wish him luck guys! 

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Blue Moon by Wet n' Wild Wild Shine (30)

This is a interesting color to say the least, its a duochrome. It's a dark blue with a green sheen, that doesn't like to photograph well for me. I had worn this once and then forgot when I had put it on. I really is a beautiful color not something that I have a lot of in my collection of polishes.

Review 8/10

Dry Speed: 2 points- Dried well, especially after waiting a few mins after applying my second coat.
Application: 1 point- Was a little streaky on a few nails, easily covered with another coat.
Price: 2 points- Only $2 for this. i know it could have been better if I got this in a BOGO. But I'm just happy that cheep in price didn't translate into cheap product.
Wear: 2 points- I got a full 5 days wear out of this bad boy. Thats awsome personally. I have very few polishes that make it to even 3 days let alone 5 with my soft, flexable nails.
Opaque: 1 point- Was not completely opaque with one coat, but was solved with the second.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Purple People Eater Wearable!

Note: Taken indoors after the sun had gone down! So colors a little washed out.

So the purple people eater challenge has been extended for another week. So I choose to do a more wearable look for this week, I loved how this turned out, I felt so sexy and smooldery (if thats even a word?). I couldn't stop taking pictures last night. I only wished I had done this during the day so I could have gotten better, truer to color close up pictures. 
 Products used:
Alexeter Mineral Shadow (Bloom)
Elf Eyeshadow Primer
Wet n' Wild Palette (Lust)
Wet n' Wild Palette (Greed)
Hard Candy Take Me Out Eyeliner (Abyss)
Maybelline The Falsies Mascara (Black Drama)
Fasion Lipstick (21)

Until next time...