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Friday, May 17, 2013

Day 71- OPI in Rumple's Wiggin' (61)

"When I saw your face, Now Im a believer, I couldn't leave her, if I trieddddddddd. Then I saw youuuuurr faaaacccceee." Ahhh Shrek. Such an awsome movie. So when I heard about this collection I wanted it so bad, I was broke at the time. I found this bad boy in the clearance bin at my local beauty shop. Nabbed it instantly So this is a limited edition polish but sometimes you can find it.
Total 7/10
Dry Speed: 2 points- dried fairly well.
Application: 1 point- I hate OPI brushes. I heard they were goin back to the skinnier brushes, but I have not bought a new OPI since that rumor came out.
Price: 2 points- Most people pay $8-16 a bottle, I got this for $4.25 in the clearance section.
Wear: 2 points- This lasted 4 days, for me on my thin nails that's great.
Opaque: 0 Points- This polish is really pretty but I found this to be super sheer and I was hoping for a more solid lavender.
Until next time my lovelies. 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Day 72- Sinful Colors in 24/7 (60)

Need a wham, bam!, in your face pink? I did and 24/7 is perfect for that. The color intensity is almost blinding. It's also on the matte side so its not completely blinding but a top coat can fix that. The color is in between bubble gum and barbie pink. This is part of the perm line from Sinful Colors.
Total 7/10
Dry Speed: 2 points- Like all the other matte formulas from Sinful Colors this polish dried super fast and the finish made it easy to tell when it was dry.
Application: 1 point- Streaked on the first coat, but I got full coverage on the second coat.
Price: 2 points- Do I really need to say more than $2 for this polish?
Wear: 0 points- This chipped later that night. If I had put a top coat on it probably would have helped it last longer but I wanted to keep the matte finish.
Opaque: 2 points- Solid as you or me!
Until next time my beauty queens!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Day 73- Sinful Colors in Bare (59)

Finding a nude polish that doesn't look pink but more flesh toned has been the bane of my polish loving existence. I have very pink undertones and its very evident when I wear nude polishes. Luckily for me Sinful Colors released this color in a collection a year or so ago. It has just enough yellow tone that it doesn't make my nails look sickly and it matches my skin tone perfectly with out leaning noticeably pink.   
Total: 7/10
Dry Speed: 0 points- As you can see my trouble finger, my ring finger, has a few dents in it. This is due to not drying very fast.
Application: 1 point- The formula is really thick and that more than likely played into the dry speed.
Price: 2 points- Love the $2 price tag. Can't ever resist it.
Wear: 2 points- Even though the coats were thick, this still stayed on for 3 days. I was really impressed and I really didn't want to take it off anyways.
Opaque: 2 points- Good, solid coats. I could have gotten away with one but old habits die hard.

Until next time my sparkle babes!