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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Project Pan Update!

So its been three months since I started my project pan! I have actually used up a lot of products. A total of four, I think if I kept this up I would only get a few products used up.
 Used: Elf eyeshadow primer
               Buy Again: Yes!
          Maybelline The Falsies Mascara
                Buy Again: No
Replaced with: Hard Candy EyeShadow primer                                                                                         
                        Rimmel Extra Super Lash     
 Used: Covergirl liquid to powder foundation in Classic Ivory
               Buy Agian: No
Replaced with: Covergirl Continuous Wear in Natural Ivory                                                                        

Used: Maybelline Expert Eyes Trio in Chocolate mousse in the Highlight
              Buy Again: No
Replaced: Mary Kay in Honey Glaze

 So over all I feel positive because I did use up some products but I feel like I was negelcting the rest of my stash by only using a few products. I however will be particapating in a new project instead with a few of my other friends from NTMS! It will start in April.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Black on Black by Sinful Colors(45)

So I have a new polish review here for ya!
This beaut is Black on Black by Sinful Colors. It's a simple black cream color, opaque in 1 coat but I'm a 2 color coat kind of girl. I also just joined a nail stamping group and last weeks challenege was Black and white. I will be honost this is horrible compared to some of the other manis. My only defence is this was my first stamp on my self. I have done it on paper and other people but not my self. This also came of fairly easy and no staining. Thats a good basic to have in my opinion.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Love Me Long Time

So back in the day of getting up at 7am, horrible acne, and even worse self image, I had a teacher who really helped me to see the better side of myself. He handed out hand mirrors and dry erase markers to everyone. We all gave him a look that said, "Seriously? You trying to say we have something on our faces?" A few of the girls used them to touch up their lipgloss. The boys just fiddled with it and I flipped it over so I couldn't see myself. We were working on a self esteem portion and he wanted to use this as an opertunity to help us build our self esteem. First he had us write down things we saw in the mirror on the mirror. Most of it was negative. He told us to look closer and replace every negative thing on it with a postive thing, something that we like about our selves, it didn't have to be physical we can write things that we liked about our personality as well. To make a long story short, I felt ten times better about myself when I left than when I had walked into the class an hour earlier.
I had wiped the mirror clean at the end of class, I wish I hadn't now but the blank mirror was calling to me. I had been in a particular blue mood and I really needed a pick me up. I grabbed that old mirror that had helped me so long ago and an old eyeliner(it will wipe of the mirror) and did the same thing I had done on that day, in fourth period health class with Mr Teasely.
This is a picture of what I came up with, I feel just as good about myself now as I had when I left class.  
So now I pass this on to you. Look in the mirror and write all of the things that are good about yourself. When you are feeling low and are having self doubt write the things that you feel are good about your self. Sometimes you may need a loved one to write the first thing to get you started, but eventually you'll find the good in yourself. Remember to always love yourself, you are beautiful just the way you are!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Polish Be Gone

Well I did it. I finished a bottle of polish! Woot woot. I have like 5 bottles of used top coat. I would lose one and buy another and then lose the new one. I have now found all of those half used bottles of top coat. I had been using the Sally Hansen Super Shine for about 2 months now and it had finally got below the brush. So I dumped what was left in to my next almost used top coat. If I was smart I would have kept the bottle for frankening my own polish ;) But I didn't it went in the garbage. Oh well, I do feel proud of myself for finishing another beauty product. From now on I get to use Orly Top2Bottom polish. I found it was crap for a base coat but made really pretty shiney nails as a top coat.

Have you guys used up any products so far?

Until next time...

Monday, March 19, 2012

Nail Swatches: BonBon and Sally Girl (38-44)

I have been active in keeping my nails painted and I had every intention of showing you guys everytime. I dont know what happened so I'm giving you a huge dose of pretty polish.

 This beauty is again a BonBon. It is a little shear but in this case I for some reason really like the two toned affect I had going on. The lasting ability was not so great at three days.
 This jelly like polish happens to be from Sallys Beauty Supplies line. Its called surfs up, I loved the color in the bottle and was hoping for a more opaque version of what I got. This was 3 coats and as you can see it takes longer than normal to dry. On a side note it did last 4 days, even on the ruff nails.
This Glitter polish is again a BonBon. This looks on the nails exactly as it does in the bottle. It was a good solid polish as far as chipping went and lasted 4-5 days. I also tried later on to see if I could get a more solid version, all I got was a nice thick coat of polish and not much more coverage.
This BonBon was a huge disappointment to me. I was looking at this as a beautiful duo-chrome mini polish. Its a gray based just like the Wet n Wild Grays Anatomy. I have seen that so many love it and at the time I didn't have the funds for it. I also keep forgetting to pick it up when I do. The duo-chrome is only visable in the sunlight and sadly my camara didn't want to show you.
This little baby is such a sweet pink color. I think I would love it if it was just a tad bit more opaque. Also the glitter wasn't bad to remove. A three day mani for me.
I promise this is a completely different pink. This BonBon has a slight gold undertone and larger glitter than the one above. Also this is a shade lighter and was harder to capture the true color as it blended in nicely with my pink tones.
I know this polish is really hard to see, but its a light green glitter from BonBon. I think this will make a great top coat for an extra sparkle but by its self its just not enough. I have like four coats on here. I took the picture at a funny angle trying to capture the sparkle but it was not my night for good pictures I guess.

I hope I didn't over load on the polishes. I just have been a little busy but I still like to try to keep my nails pretty even if my face is bare.

Until next time...