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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Blue Moon by Wet n' Wild Wild Shine (30)

This is a interesting color to say the least, its a duochrome. It's a dark blue with a green sheen, that doesn't like to photograph well for me. I had worn this once and then forgot when I had put it on. I really is a beautiful color not something that I have a lot of in my collection of polishes.

Review 8/10

Dry Speed: 2 points- Dried well, especially after waiting a few mins after applying my second coat.
Application: 1 point- Was a little streaky on a few nails, easily covered with another coat.
Price: 2 points- Only $2 for this. i know it could have been better if I got this in a BOGO. But I'm just happy that cheep in price didn't translate into cheap product.
Wear: 2 points- I got a full 5 days wear out of this bad boy. Thats awsome personally. I have very few polishes that make it to even 3 days let alone 5 with my soft, flexable nails.
Opaque: 1 point- Was not completely opaque with one coat, but was solved with the second.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Purple People Eater Wearable!

Note: Taken indoors after the sun had gone down! So colors a little washed out.

So the purple people eater challenge has been extended for another week. So I choose to do a more wearable look for this week, I loved how this turned out, I felt so sexy and smooldery (if thats even a word?). I couldn't stop taking pictures last night. I only wished I had done this during the day so I could have gotten better, truer to color close up pictures. 
 Products used:
Alexeter Mineral Shadow (Bloom)
Elf Eyeshadow Primer
Wet n' Wild Palette (Lust)
Wet n' Wild Palette (Greed)
Hard Candy Take Me Out Eyeliner (Abyss)
Maybelline The Falsies Mascara (Black Drama)
Fasion Lipstick (21)

Until next time...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Purple People Eater/Monster Mash LOTD

NOTE: This is ment to be on the scary/wierd side!
I belong to a facebook group for beauty bloggers and we get a weekly challenge for makeup and nails. For last week it was purple people eater/monster mash. I loved doing this. I was able to use a face painting set that I had bought a few months ago but it just sat in a corner after I used it for a face painting contest. I wanted something a little bit on the creepy side so I let my hair do its own thing and made my self as purple as possible.

And just for fun, I took this picture.
Until next time...

Monday, October 24, 2011

Wet N' Wild 8-pan palette swatches/review

So I was able to find the newest addition to Wet n' Wild's 8-pan palettes. This beauty is I <3 Matte. I really like the name. I am also lacking in the matte department. So I knew that this bad boy needed to join my hoard. lol! The colors are a mix of brights and neutrals. This is a great idea, as it will appeal to more people.
This is a swatch of the colors. The top is applied dry on clean skin. The bottom is over elf eye primer. As you can see the colors are really pigmented either way. Yay for great pigmentation!
What I didn't like about this palette was the fact that is was on the chalky side. As you can see there is a lot of dust on this palette. To me that means fall out on my face and that is not pretty. Also that means waisted product. Also not good! This palette was $5.36 after tax, which isn't bad but I certainly don't want to waist produt if I don't have too. The Browbone color is also almost so shear that even in real life it was hard to tell I had it on my skin.

This Ladies and Gents was after I had sprayed water on my arm in attempt to show how the colors would last in heat. Meaning if you started sweating, this is what your makeup would look like after you cooled off. Pretty good I think. I need makeup remover to finally get all of it off of me.

Until next time... 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

BBC #3

So I did another one from Charlie, here is her beautiful drawing. Im three in of the eight drawings that she has made thus far:

 It looks really simple, and yet slightly bit exoctic. I love it. The colors really made my eyes green that day. I loved it.

Products used:
Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer (Fair to Light)
Revlon Blush (Seashell Pink)
MBA Loose Eyeshadow (After Party)
MBA Loose Eyeshadow (Fudgesicle)
L'Oreal Single Eyeshadow (Rich Mocha)
MBA Loose Eyeshadow (Just Peachy)
Wet N' Wild Eyeliner (Brown)
Milani Eye Tech Liquid Eyeliner (Brown)
Maybelline The Falsies Mascara (Black Drama)
Fasion Lipstick(20)
TG Plumping Minty Lipgloss (Light Pink)

Until next time...

My Beauty Addictions swatchs p.4

OMG! I love My Beauty Addiction's shadows. They are so amazing. I normally can get away with just a bit of primer and the colors are so bright I almost need sunglasses. The pic almost doesnt do these beauty's justice. I just have samples of these and I have been using them for over 6 months now and I still have a boat load of them left.
Jezzibel: A dark gray/light black with a blue sheen
Lemon Drop: A bright, sunny, true yellow with satin finish
Mink: A soft toupe shade with a matte finish
Passionfruit: A medium pink with a little blue sheen, not sure if I had another color on the brush when I did this swatch.
Rumors: A hot pink with a satin finish.

Until next time...

Friday, October 21, 2011

Plum Pearl by Mary Kay Color Shield (29)

This polish is so old, really! I got this when my nana passed away and she got these back in the '97 when she started up her Mary Kay business trying to make money. Well she made no money but had a lot of product. I actually hope that Mary Kay has changed their formula because even after all these years, this polish is still very watery.
Reveiw 8/10
Dry Speed: 2 points- The polish dried well for me. I felt like it was much faster than most.
Application: 2 points- It went on smooth, I did notice that the formula was very watery. This how ever was fixed by using thin coats.
Price: 2 points: This was given to me = free! XD
Wear: 1 point- 3 days of wear before chips were noticed.
Opaque: 1 point- It was a solid color after one coat but I didnt notice the pearl effect, which is really wierd. I partly wondered if I was applying it wrong.

Until next time...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Beauty Addictions swatchs p.3

I'm slightly behind the ball on swatching these beauts. I have so many samples that I felt over whelmed when I started swatching them. This is five of the ones I own currently. My Beauty Addiction has so many beautiful shadows that I cant but help ordering more samples. Her samples are huge. Ive had them for over 6 months now and I still have so much Im sure I wont run out before the new year. Her colors are supper pigmented. As you can see the top row which is dry are almost as bright as the bottom row which is over Elf eyeshadow primer.
Colors shown are:
Evocative: Orange with a satin finish.
Fiji: Olive green with a satin finish
Hawaii: Light blue with a Satin finish
Heliotrope: Purple based pink with a ton of shimmer to it.
Illegal: Hot pink with a matte finish.

Until next time...

Monday, October 17, 2011

Nymphette's Calendar Challenge 10/16/2011

Ok so I know I'm a day late in all, so sue me. Okay, maybe not. But I promise this is a bit different. So most who did this did makeup look like The makeup Dinosaur. Which is beautiful by the way. I love the complexity of it. I on the other hand did a nail art. No not on my own nails, I figure you guys get enough of my baby nail in my polish reviews. I did this on a nail wheel, kinda cheating but I need a bigger palette to paint on people. Sometimes I get so used to my petite features that when I go to a shoot and do makeup on a normal sized girl I kind of freak out. There is to much skin to make pretty. So here is my Nymphettes "look":
Its a cupcake in case you couldn't tell. I know my art skills are a little on the lame side but they are getting better. N maybe by the end of the year I'll have art worthy off being looked at for more then a few seconds. ;D

Until nest time...

LOTD 10/17/2011 BBC2

This is the second installment of Beauty by Charlie's challenge. I loved this look. I thought this was goin to be a little harder and then when I started setting up my supplies I realized I had a light blue liner! score and so this was quick and easy. I think I'm ready for a harder challenge now. There are only 8 that she has created that I have been able to find! But I keep my eyes open for more each day! I love these kinds of things. Charlies beautiful drawing:
I love this look simple and pretty!

I personally didnt do a thick winged liner, mainly because I have such small lids and I wanted a lot of color to show. I also extended the blue to the end of the wing, trying to extend my eye a little.
I also dressed up the rest of my face. The lip was me just playing around and grabbing a lipstick and gloss that was on top.

Products used:
Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer (fair to light)
Mary Kay Blush (Azalea)
Elf Eyeshadow Primer
MBA eyeshadow (Lemon Drop)
Hard Candy Baked Shadow Duo (Bad Reputation)
Jordana Easyliner (mint)
Hardy Candy Take me out liner (abyss)
Maybelline The falsies mascara (Black Drama)
Fashion Lipstick(21)
TG Plumping Lipgloss (light pink)

 I love how my eyes seem so full of color and yet simple.
My Beauty Addictions Lemon drop is so super pigmented its the only yellow that I know of that pops even when its dry! And the lips, I think I've found my new fave color!
Until next time...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Black Creme by Wet n' Wild Wild Shine (28)

So this is a color that is hard to pull off for me. I normally wear a lot of black for my job and the balck polish just makes me look really goth like. Im really not, I smile a lot and like to laugh. I always wear kind of bright makeup as well. So I had to make sure that I wore something bright to counter balance the dark nails because this is really not me. I use this polish a lot though, but its mainly detailing a nail art more than as an all over color.
Review 7/10
Dry Speed: 1 point- Nothing special, dried normal but I did try a new thing where a apply two coats and let it dry, Then I apply my last two coats and that seemed to help me keep from smudging my polish like I always do.
Application: 2points- Went on great and I have already thinned this once but I have had this for over a year.
Price; 2 points- $2 for a polish is great to me.
Wear: 0 points- Chipped on day two. Just a light chip on my left index finger.
Opaque: 2 points- Could have gotten away with one coat but I always do 2 for chipping reasons.

Until next time...

Milani Eye Tech liquid eyeliner

So I got this from my mom. She had used it once and her eyes wouldn't quit watering so this was a no go for her because it was just washed and rubbed off. I have used this a few times already, it doesn't bother my eyes.
From Milani
Full color flow thru system that delivers & defines a perfect line in one stroke. Felt tip nib applicator is easy to use, provides precise control with no skipping or pulling.

From Me:
Felt tip and application.
I have kind of wrinkly skin naturally (runs in the family, ya for more bad genetics) so I always have skipping. And yes this skipped on me. I normally use liner at an angle where the side almost runs flat on my lid rather than use the tip, this helps me creat an even steady line across my lid. Even when I did this it skipped on me and I had to go back and fill it in. On my hand that has taunt skin it went on great. As for the smudging well see for yourself:
I really had to rub once it was dry and it took moisture for it to come off completely.
Untill next time...

Punk Rock and Roll, Ya baby!

Welcome to Week 1 of  Never Too Much Sparkle Challenge. Theme was Punk Rock n' Roll. The creator of the beauty group Wendi has picked themes for each week for all of beauty obsessed people on facebook. Basicly all you need to do is love makeup, polish, and anything girlly like that to join. Even companies are in the group so if you have a fave company and they post there you can stay on top of sales and stuff like that. Here is my look I kept the eyes POPIN' and everything else natural.
 Products I used:
Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer
Wet n' Wild eyeshadows (Lust)
Milani Eye Tech liner (brown)
Hard Candy Take me out liner (abyss)
Maybelline the faslies mascara (black drama)

Close up of opern eye.
  I found that I loved the colors in the palette but it was hard to blend them in together with a primer on. Ive used this palette before without a primer and it went on great.

The best closed eye I had. It was super bright out.
 Until next time...

Saturday, October 15, 2011

LOTD 10/15/2011 BBC1

Today was a makeup challenge from Beauty by Charlie. She is having a sigma contest going on right now. Im not exactly sure how she is doing it. I do know that she is posting these cute little eye drawings for it. Im not really entering her contest I just really respect her skills as a Mad Makeup Artist. So I figure I can always learn something from her by attempting to recreate these drawings on myself. I had a lot of fun doing this, also I figure I can build up to some of her more complex draws. So without further ado here is the Charlies drawing:

As you can see its simple but beautiful. I dont have blue eyes but I do have light hazel eyes that really pop with red near them. Here is my attempt at it:

I kept my face simple because the eyes are a bit bold. A close up of the eye:
Products used:
Neutrogena Healthy skin enhancer (fair to light)
Maybelline Blush (seashell pink)
Wet n' Wild liner (mink brown)
Hard Candy Take me out liner (abyss)
Hot Topic Liner (red)
Jordana Easyliner (sterling blue)
MAC eyeshadow (mylar)
Elf Minty Lipgloss (Houston)
Until next time...

Friday, October 14, 2011

Nympette's Calendar Challenge Oct. 14, 2011

Todays Nympette Calendar Challenge was Vampire. Great holloween look, and pretty popular if you ask me. This is my look:
Full face.
  Products used:
Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer (fair to light)
Covergirl Continuous Wear (Ivory)
Milani Bronzer (pecan)
Elf eye primer
Hot topic liner (red)
Mary Kay Eyeshadow (Exotic Purple)
L'Oreal Eyeshadow single (lush raven)
Mary Kay Eyeshadow (pink opal)
MAC Eyeshadow (Gesso)
Maybelline the Flasies mascara (black drama)
Wet n' Wild Color icon liner (amethyst)
Hot Topic liner (red)      
Close up of open eye

Close up of full lid
 I loved do this look, even tho I had the sun in my eyes most of the time because of where I do my makeup. I think I'll do a tutorial for this but at a better time of day.
Until next time...

Revlon Double Twist Mascara Review

So this is a simple review. I really like this mascara and I dont like it. First of all here is what Revlon says about this mascara:
   Massive Volume, Remarkable Definition
   Revolutionary 2-in-1 brush
   Thickining Brush + Separating Comb = The Ultimate lash look

A picture of the wand and and after pic of my lashes.
My lashes felt full.
False lash effect.
Quick Dry formula
hard to apply to bottom lashes

I really liked the formula. I felt it dried fast enough so I wouldnt get mascara on my lid when I did the other side. I was able to get the full effect in a couple of swipes of mascara. I would purchase agian but I would want another mascara for lower lashes.

Haul from 10/12/2011

So after school the other day I felt like doing a little shopping. I'm almost out of my Maybelline The Falsies mascara in Black Drama, so I figured I'd look around and see if there was any mascara on sale. I found out that Walgreens is have a huge BOGO 1/2 sale on most cosmetics. I was so happy I wished I'd have enough money to buy one of everything... But I settled on to mascaras and a revlon lip gloss.
 So I have been on this whole natural makeup kick now, what I mean by this that I really like being able to pronounce the ingrediants as well as I can find them anywhere. I love a lot of the smaller indie companies, I love being able to contact the owner and talking bout their products and getting the one on one that you cant get in a big company. When I saw this mascara I thought, "hmm, natural? Ok you have my attention. Now how much? half off 7.50? Ok why not?" Then I saw below it a mascara that I had tried before and really liked it.
This mascara I have tried before but in the orignal. This one in particular is suppose to hydrate your lashes to keep them from breaking or feeling stiff. I figured I'd give it a shot.
I have read a lot of reviews on this lip gloss and have been wanting to try them for a few months now. When I saw that they were on sale I couldn't help but grab one. I wanted to grab one of each color they were all so pretty. Instead I grab this one which is Papaya. Orange is really big this fall season for lips, and I have no orange lipstick or gloss. So this is really stepping out of the box for me. I tried it just to see what the color would look like on me. I don't like it on me. I know I cant wear orange and I thought that a coral whould be ok but I was wrong. Well at least I have a new gloss for when I do shoots!

It looks pink but I promise its coral.

Swatch in natural light

Tried to capture the little bit of sparkle in it.

Until next time...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

LOTD 10/12/2011

Today was a late day. Meaning I rolled out of bed about an hour before I needed to leave. So with a quick shower, I only had about 35 mins to do my hair and makeup. I have naturally wavy hair so I just gave it a quick shake to break it up a little so it would have a more ringlette affect (I promise I have ringlettes they just like to hide behind my ears). Then I put on a little tinted moisturizer to help cover the uneven skin I have due to horomones, a simple 2 toned eye using mary kay's oyster shell and whipped cocoa, with a bit of Wet n' Wild brown liner and the faslies mascara in Black Drama to complete my eyes. Then a light layer of Wet n' Wild lipstick in 528A with elf's minty lip gloss in Houston rubbed in the middle of my lip.
Simple everyday look, very neutral

Please don't mind the frizz it's from lighting my hair.

Close up of the eye. It's sort of like a cut crease but not dramatic.
Until next time...