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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

LOTD 10/29/2011

So I know this is a little late. I have been busy doing a lot of running around and working on my new shop! So I have been a busy beaver you can say. Any ways this is what I did for my makeup that day. I really wanted something warm cuz for the first time all week it was WARM outside. I get cold so easy. It was also really bright outside so please don't mind the squeenty eyes. I tried to get go pics.

 Products I used:
Mary Kay Blush (Azalea)
Giovi Palette (see below for colors)
Hard Candy Take Me Out Eyeliner (Abyss)
Maybelline The Flasies Mascara (Black Drama)
Hard Candy Lash Tinsel (Spellbound)
Fasion Lipstick (21)

 You can kind of see the glitter in the Hard Candy mascara. This stuff is a PITA! I had such bad clumping. I had to fluff my lashes out so I didnt get spider lashes.

I wore this look to a thanksgiving dinner. A guy I grew up with is in the Army. He just came home a few days ago and is being shipped to afganistan in a week or so. He will be gone for a year and most likely not see a thanksgiving with his family and friends for two years. They "say" he'll be back before next Christmas. Wish him luck guys! 

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