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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Simmer and Shimmer by OPI (32)

 Ok, so I'm so behind I got caught up in an english paper that is like 5% of my grade. I hope you lovely's will forgive my absence. I have this beauty on review. Lets just say I love this polish. It's glitter and colorful. I felt like I had disco ball nails and kept wiggling my fingers in the sunlight. Not that this IS a pain in the butt to remove! I had so many layers I had to do like 4 techniques to remove it all.
This is a close up of the polish so you can fully see all the colored glitter in it.
Review 7/10

Dry Speed: 2 points- It dried really well for me. I was even able to start moving around after 2 minutes.
Application: 1 point-Stupid OPI brush! It made the glitter go on spotty.
Price: 2 points- This is another $4.25 OPI. I love that part.
Wear:  2 points- I got four days wear and even then I only had one little crack on one nail.
Opaque: 0 Points- This was a big fail for me. I had on so many layers to get full coverage, that I don't remember how many I put on.

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