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Saturday, November 5, 2011

MAC Haul!

I finally was able to go to MAC again. I have used up a few things and like I've said before I would replace them with a few MAC products. So far I have had good luck in finding products that I really like. I was really tempted to get some of the new glitter and ice items but I know if I really like them and use it all, I wont be able to replace it. So I try to stay away from the collections for right now.

What I have used up is:
2 mascaras
1 lipgloss
1 pressed face powder
1 foundation

Since I have already bought one mascara, I didnt want to buy another. So I what I did get was still and eye product but this is something that I have seen used by some of my favorite youtube girls, so I figured it needed to make its way in to my hoard. I got the soft ochre paint pot. I really like this product. I haven't really used it mainly because I haven't done my makeup seriously in a few days, I also got a MSF natural powder in medium. The girl working said that the light is really pale. When she tried it on me it was a perfect match.

Here is soft ochre swatched on my hand. Its really yellow compaired to my skin tone, but I think I can make it work.
Until next time...

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