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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Haul from 10/29/2011

As you can see I have been shopping once again! I was so happy to finally have money so that I could go shopping. I think I went a little wild mainly cuz most of this is LE and I can't get it once its gone.

 I got a lot of Elf. The Mist and set is something that I have been wanting to try really bad. I also grabbed and angled eyeliner brush I found the angled flat brush was just to hard to work with. So I figured I give this a go. Also found Elf's minty lipgloss in Miami.
 This next one is something I have seen and I loved the color range. I was really happy at the amount of neutrals came in this palette. Also whats great is that these are much bigger then the normal 100 palette. So its more product for your buck.
Next I spoted these beauts. These are the LE baked eyeshadows from Wet n Wild. This one is baked, not fried. It's loaded with great neutral shades and brown metallic liner!
Then we have Baking a cake. These are really pretty in person. It has 4 pink shades, a brown, and a purple with a black liner.
Then we have Bake-off Contest. These are some really pretty blues with a silver matellic liner. All swatches on these will be posted later.
This is the Elf 100 palette, see all the colors. I's so excited to try this out.

Next is the Elf lipgloss Miami.
I thought I'd be nice and give you one swatch of my goodies.
Until next time...

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