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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

LOTD 10/31/2011

 So yesterday I was looking at some of my makeup that I had stashed in a corner of my makeup area. I rediscovered this palette. I have had it for so long. I got when I was living with my nana. I have hit pan on one of the colors and I believe I'm close to pan on the light cream color as well. Also the colors are really pigmented for the most part. I knew I was goin to MAC the morning I did this so I wanted to make sure I wore colors bright enough to last the day.

Products Used:
Neutrogina Mineral Loose Powder (Natrual Ivory)
Blush from palette
Hard Candy Take Me Out Eyeliner (Abyss)
Maybelline The Flasies Mascara (Black Drama)
Are bare... Gasp! : D

 I think I filled my brows as well but I dont remember mainly because it's not something I do all the time.
Until next time...

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