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Monday, January 2, 2012

Darling Girl Cosmetics!

Welcome to 2012 everyone! So I have made a few New Year's resolutions, one of them to blog way more often at least once a day. I'm really hoping to get better at this than I was last year. I went months at a time, which isn't good. So to keep me motivated I'm starting the year right. I didn't post yester day and for good reason. I went fishing with my parents. I got some great pictures for my scrapbook which is a new hobby I've just picked up recently as in a week ago recent. I've notice I'm not great but I like doing it. It has been a great way for me to vent creatively. I love doing my makeup but I hate taking it off to do more than one look. So on with what this post is suppose to be about and thats Darling Girl Cosmetics.

Darling Girl is a great little Indie company. I met the owner through Never to Much Sparkle. Susan the owner is always asking for help and wanting ideas and such. I love how she wants the focus of her products to reflect the wants and needs of buyers. She is always promt on her responses and is an all around sweet owner to work with.
Note: She posts her TAT on the website, as of right now it is taking 14-16 business days. She is hoping to streamline this down 6-10 business days. She is also making some changes to Darling Girl, you can read more about that here.

On to what I ordered. I got sample sizes of the Diamond Dust. These were some of the most amazing colorful eyeshadows ever. I also got 2 other samples with my order.
Here are the Diamond dusts that I got:
*Lucy in the Sky: a gorgeous retro blue with gold iridescence and red/pink diamond dust sparkle.
*Flare: a reddish brown pearl with red/pink diamond dust shimmer.
*Dark Crystal: Deep graphite with color shift from lilac, red/silver to greenish blue with red/pink diamond dust sparkle
*Moon Dust: a gorgeous silvery taupe with tons of 'Diamond Dust'

*Sushi Flower: an amazing iridescent blue/purple with a rainbow of diamond dust sparkle.
*Totally Teal:a almost matte teal base with red/pink Diamond Dust glitter
*Verdant Dream: a gorgeous mint green with a soft violet shift and pink 'Diamond Dust'
*Wood Sprite: a pretty plummy taupe with red/orange flash golden green diamond dust sparkle

My two sample that I got:
*Ice Princess: a lovely lavender pearl with blue and turquoise iridescence
*Peep Show: a beautiful royal blue overlayed with a blue/green iridescence(part of the Naught or Nice collection) 

Here are my swatches of the shadows, top half is dry no primer, bottom half is dry on primer:

And just so you can see how SPARKLELY they are:

I love to just look at them! I have used a few of the shadows already and have found the formula to be amazing for me. They have beautiful pigmentation, good staying power, and I went all day with no creasing on my shadows the last time I wore it. All in all I love Darling Girl and am about to place my second order.

Until next time...

*discriptions of product is borrowed from Darling Girl and all right belong to the company and its owners!*

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  1. Sushi Flower, Totally Teal and Peep Show are calling to me! I love Darling Girl :)