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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Blurple by BonBon (36)

So I was going through my polish collection and found that I have a ton of mini polishes. I figured I go review these figuring that they most likely won't be that great seeing as they are only a dollar. I was blown away by the quality of this polish.

Review 5 /10

Dry Speed: 1 point- It dried nice, no faster than most polishes.
Application: 1 point- It went on streaky the first coat and for the most part the second coat got rid of the streaks.
Price: 1 point- For a dollar you feel like your getting a steal but then compaired to an NYC which is 13 cents cheaper for a full bottle it's hard to buy these unless you know that you don't wear polishes that much. These will only last for 3-5 full manicures.
Wear: 1 point- I got three days of wear with no top coat. Now that is good.
Opaque: 1 point- This polish covered well enough with two coats.

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