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Sunday, January 22, 2012


Today is a post I am sad to post about. I have been the target of a scam. I was contacted via third party and I responded to it via email. I asked basic questions. I.E. Location, date, time, Model skin tone, and compensation. I wouldn't minded if I was paid in photos to use for my portfolio. I'm new and I have only done a few shoot.

I got this as a reply:
Hello, I am a freelance modeling agent working for First Female magazine in recruiting Make up artists. First Female Magazine currently wants a Make up artists for a new and special edition of the magazine.We saw your  profile and pictures while surfing the internet, we appreciate them and I would like us  to do some works together.We presently have a good offer for you and we want to know if you are interested doing make up for our company because we need good quality artists to make up our model who will be on the magazine cover of one of next month edition.Please let us know if you are interested in the job as you stand a chance of making reasonable $700 from this deal to start,and even a noticeable fame. Let us know if you are interested in our offer and we would give you further details.

I looked around online to see if this was real or not. I was hesitent and it sounded to good to be true. So I responded. I told them I had to decline due to lack of information. I thought it was a done deal. Well no, not really this "woman" replied and was still trying to encourage me to agree.

This was the most recent of emails and if you notice there is still a lack of information from her as well as to much info from me.
Hi ,Thanks for your swift response, Well the pictures that will be taken will be use for the next edition magazine fashion, so we need a proffession touch from you to our model, The taken pictures will be used for the magazine cover of my client which website is and the pictures will be exhibited on their website and also after the first set of picture sent.Their magazines will be sent to you in order for you to know about the company.Subsequently depending on you, you could be invited over to the company to sign a contract with you.The location of the for the Shot will be somewhere close to where you are located and that is why i choose someone from that location which is you ...  As for the payment,I will like you to get back to me with your Full Name, Address,City,State, Zip Code and Telephone Number,I will be waiting for you to get back to me with this information because we will still have to make some screening,Please follow all
 instructions if you want the job granted to you.

I'm not sorry to say that A.) the english are known for proper EVERYTHING! I had a friend from the UK and she always corrected my english. So the improper grammer and spelling was my first major red flag. B.) This sounds way to good to be true.

What do you think? Too Good or should I respond?


  1. I'm sorry but it sounds fishy to me. The grammar is totally off. I was watching an episode of 60 Minutes about people falling in love on the internet and actually being a fake person in Africa somewhere..Who knows what might happen to your personal information.

    1. Thats exactly why I have yet to reply to the most recent email. I will admit to having dated online and I got really lucky in that I met some really nice guys. But its not for everyone. I will always go with my gut and if I'm the edge I ask others and then work from there.

  2. It does sound fishy, if for no other reason than the fact that she wouldn't give you any details over email. I think you were dead-on not to give out your personal info.

    FYI, I'm a working makeup artist in the midwest, and a $700 day rate is pretty high, but not unbelievable- most MUAs I know charge $500 a day for a full day shoot (I do makeup for film and still photography).

    1. I have done a little bit of work in fashion photography. I like it. But I always got the info I needed when I asked.

  3. This is a TOTAL scam! Report them. Do not reply! I'd even change my email password! ( that's just me, but have been a victim to someone getting my email pass and getting bank info, and now have a hubby who is a comp guy so I'm super careful!) Also I had a guy I worked with who posted some dressers and such on craig's list and got a email, basically just like this... English & grammar all wrong, over seas, very pushy & offered more money the the stuff was worth!

    I'm glad to read your gut and head told you this was all wrong. Even with your excitement ... Just know something bigger and better is coming your way!

    Ps my first blog comment! I haven't even finished writing my first blog yet! Lol. Hoping to be done and post tomorrow night!

    1. Congrats on starting your blog. And I'm honored that you choose me to post your first comment. I have changed my info and my dad is a comp guy too. I just had him deep clean my computer to make sure there wasn't any malware on my computer.