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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Darling Girl Order!

 My whole order. I got 2 samples and a Blush as a GWP. The Darling Ghoul is on the left and the Pretty Mistakes are on the right.
 My Pretty mistakes make me drool. I felt bad removing the swatches.
The Gifts with Purchas. I got she bop, Vicar in a Tutu, and Doll face!

 Candy Corn Pixie dust.

This is extremely pick heavy. I got so much for so little. I love ordering from Susan, I feel super spoiled when I wear her pretties. Everything is so very pigmented that I feel like I should be paying way more for her stuff then I do. I order two collections. I got the Darling Ghoul Collection of shadows but now I'm thinking I need some of her lippies as well. I also got a petite set of the Pretty Mistakes. I LOVE these. I need to use them more.  Also she does not offer witch's brew which is part of the Darling Ghoul collection and she gave me Jeweled Toupe in its place!

Until next time...

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