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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Nail Swatch: Rising Star by OPI (10)

so this is the first of my nail polish swatchs. this is Rising Star by OPI. it is so very pretty. i love oh orange it is but its very glitzy. it looks like a metalic, there is no glitter and is very easy to come off. in the first pick if you look close enough you make see the little design i did on my ring finger with the konad. i have really little hands and so m nails are little, the nails were longer but i washed the dishes and of course they desided to break on me... so the are super short.
dry speed: 1 points- i had to wait what seemed like forever it kept scraping off the plate for some strange reason
application: 2 points- this had a nice sized brush if i had bigger nails id love it but due to my lack of size i did have to clean up a bit.
price: 2 point- i got it on sale... oh ya thats right i paid 4.00 for this bad boy... i was so happy cuz the store that i got it at sells OPI for 7.00
wear: 2 points- i wore this to the new years bash in Orlando and i had been drinking... its my first New years being old! and im a light wieght so this did chip but it happened when i went to grab a drink and i was pushed and my hand hit the table.
color: 2 points- coats and i was good to go... oh and i had no top coat on either... so that might have helped.
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