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Monday, February 21, 2011

Nail Swatch: Holy Pink! Pagoda by OPI (11)

This is one of my first OPI's. I think it's so pretty. I won it in an aution using my cosmo cash. We get 100 cc for doing things above and beyond the call of duty. A friend and I didnt have enough to get a big ticket item by our selfs so we combined cash and divided the prizes. I got this polish and a body wash and luffa. This review is a little harsh for you OPI lovers but its the truth and this affects on this color not the whol brand.
Review 5/10
Dry Speed: 1 point- Dried ok but i had to remove it on a few nails cuz i damaged them while they were drying.
Application: 1 point- I have worlds littlest hands and nails ever. So the big brush that comes with OPI is way to big for me and makes for a lot of clean up. But no streaks.
Price: 2 points- I got it for free technically we paid 800cc for it in the auction.
Wear:0 points- Sad to say that this color does not last more then 3 days before I have to take it off. I was hoping for at least 5 days but oh well.
Opaque: 1 point- first coat was a little sheer and the 2nd coat fixed but still it's an OPI... if i had paid for this which is about 4.50 at my local pro shop then i want my moneys worth and OPI is suppose to be the best.

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