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Monday, February 21, 2011

Nail Swatch: Cosmic Violet by Petites (12)

So I got this for a convention to match a dress I wore. I have had this polish for like 5 years so it my explain the wear time...
Review 7/10
Dry Speed- 2 point: This dried really fast I really couldnt mess it up.
Application- 1 point: the Brush was skinny so that was good, but I feltthat it was way too long and gave me less control.
Price: 2 points- These run about $2 so thats good, same as my Sinfuls.
Wear: 0 points- I got like 24 hours wear before it started chipping, but this is old.
Opaque- 2 points: Could have gotten away with one coat.

Until next time...

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