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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Nail Swatch: Jingle Bells by China Glaze (7)

About a month ago i stooped at CosmoProf which is a cosmetology pro and student shop. Iwent looking for China Glaze's Matte Magic top coat, for matte finish to my nail polish. While the lady was in the back looking for it i saw a kit of polishes from china glase's holiday 2010 collection, for 15.99. i couldn't pass it up so i got it. One of the colors was Jingle Bells. I liked the color but had a few problems.
Review 8/10
Dry Speed- 0 points: It literally took me forever to have the polish dry. Especially my right hand. Im not happy about the smudges and dents i got while it was drying.
Application- 2 points: Went on great. 2 coats like normal and i go the color of the bottle.
Price- 2 points: 3.20 a bottle plus i got a pretty necklace. Orignal price 4.99
Wear- 2 points: Even with all the dents i got from drying it didnt chip.
Opaque- 2 points: 2 coats as normal

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