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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Nail Swatch: 812059 by Sally Girl (8)

Today i choose to do a swatch on a Sally girl polish i got on sale a long time ago. Ipaid .50 which is great even with an orginal price of .99, i have the student discount card for being in cosmetology student which means i never pay more then .50 for thier polish anyways.
Review 8/10
Dry speed- 2 points: this dried really fast especially after i applied my Sache Vite.
Application- 1 point: The first coat was streaky, as well as the polish was a little thin/watery. after second coat it went away.
Price- 2 points: Cant beat .99
Wear- 1 points: Made it through a shower and cleaning my room. :) But felt kind of thick
Opaque-2 points: The color was very pigmented and matched bottle in 2 coats.

I had painted over the ring finger with Pinky Glitter before I remembered to take a picture of the polish on my hand.

Until next time...

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