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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Nail Swatch: Digital Milani 3D holographic (3)

I got this in a target haul not to long ago.i wanted to paint my nails and this is what i used.
Review 8/10
Dry Speed: 1 point- dried as normal.
Application: 2 points- Went on smooth and no streaks.
Price: 1 point- I paid full price and for a grocery/drugstore type polish 4.25 is a little pricey.
Wear: 2 points- the polish didnt really chip. My base coat is from Orly and so rubbery that the polish will peel in one peice.
Opaque: 2 points- This will be great for spring because it is such a light pink. I was thinking that maybe this would be a bit brighter but thats ok with me.
Over all a good color/polish

Until next time...

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