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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Day 90-Challenge myself further.

Hey everyone! So I signed myself up for a 90 Day blog post challenge. Basically I just post about LOTD/NOTD/EOTD, or anything beauty. Also since I am going out of town on may 30-june 7 I will be mostly posting swatches and stuff since I dont know how much time I will have to do more than a basic makeup.  
 I opened up my palette drawer and sitting on top was my Claire's maga palette. So when I chose my colors I went for the color that stood out most to me. The light blue, I accented with a deeper almost denim blue and a blue based purple. I used a wet and wild color icon eyeliner in blue sky for my lower lash liner and a bit of mascara. A dab of Mary Kays honey glaze as my highlight. I also applied maybelline mineral blush in gental pink and a little bit of a white and brown for my face highlight and contour. Both are from a no-name set I got as a gift one year. My lipgloss is a BonBon gloss that I got from walmart.

 You can really see those hints of blue in my eye picking up the blue from the shadows.
Dont mind my blue lashes. I am trying to use up this blah mascara I can't remember what it is and the words have rubbed off.

There are other ladies participating in the Challenge, here are the links to their pretty faces:

Until next time...

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