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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day 88- For the Horde!

So I'm not sure if I shared this before or not but I love me some WoW! I have toons on both sides I have a main who is a goblin Shammy. I also happen to have a t-shirt with a horde shammy symbol on it curtisy of my friend. I was wearing it the day I did this look and didnt mean to match but I'll take it.
I used a claires palette again for the orange and copper and the black is from the large 100 palette from elf. A little Hard Candy and Wet nWild liner. 6 coats of mascara, reason for that many is cuz its the teleiscopic mascara and the brush is just this tiny ball of spikes. (I cant wait to finish this) Some Mary Kay Wild Rose blush. And an old fave Covergirl wetslicks gloss in patiently pink. And bam "FOR THE HORDE" look is ALIVE!
My eye sure looks green don't it. <3

The Others in the challenge with me.

Until next time...


  1. I was just playing WoW too, a Blood Elf which is unusual for me but I'm trying something different lol. I was even just thinking about doing a Blood Elf inspired look! Small world xD Your look is gorgeous though, I love how green it makes your eye!

    1. Thank you. I love wearing coopers when I really want my eyes to stand out. I have a blood elf. I think I have almost every race covered, by now anyways. I even have my own bank (ally).