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Saturday, April 2, 2011

First MAC ever!

I have the most amazing boyfriend ever. We had planned to go to the beach but we couldn't find a parking space so we went to the mall instead. I wanted to find a dress for our dinner out with a work buddy of his. As we were walking through the mall I saw a MAC counter and i had never been to a MAC anything before so i asked if we could stop and look. I also wanted to find out what skin tone i was with them so while i was being fitted my boyfriend had gone and bought this glitter for me. i had pointed out that i really like this. out of the whole Wonder Woman collection. Needless to say when i found this at the bottom of the bag I jumped on him i was so happy.  Like i said before i have the most amazing boyfriend ever even if he said he was going to limit his mall visits with me from then on.

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