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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Nail Swatch: Green Glow in the Dark by Hot Topic (17)

I saw that a few people were looking for Glow in the Dark nail polish that was cheep and worked. I found out that Hot topic sells it year round. So I got some in two colors to test them out. They do work, the glow shows up much better in person than it does in photo.

Review 6/10
Dry Speed: 1 point- It dried normal no big difference in speed compared to other polishes.
Application: 1 point- I hated the top. It was way to hard to hold onto.
Price: 2 points- $3 a bottle is not bad. I've paid less and I've paid more for polish.

Wear: 0 points- I only got one day wear out of this polish. Which is fine I would never wear this polish for more then a day anyways. (halloween)
Opaque: 2 points: Im going to give this a bonus point because the glow in the dark part worked. Other then that it was super sheer in the daylight. You may not be able to see my nails glowing in pic 4 but i found if you look straight at it or kind of from up top, my nails do show up.

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