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Monday, March 28, 2011

Nail Swatch: Multi-Colored Glitter by Wet n' Wild (16)

So I'm super behind on these Nail Swatches/Reviews. I have like 5 of these I need need to post. Due to school and family i have had no time to really post a whole lot and so i get way far behind untill i sit for like a week and do nothing but post.
So on to the Reveiw. This is one of my oldest polishes. I have had this since i was 12. It is an old school Wet n' Wild nail polish. They didnt name thier polishes back then so hince the name.
Reveiw 8/10
Dry Speed: 2 points- I dont know if the age of the polish is affecting it or what, but it dried super fast.
Application: 2 points- for how old this polish is it goes on so nice. I felt I had the best control with the brush, the polish wasn't to thick like I would expect from an old polish.
Price: 2 points- So i was like 12 and had no concept of money back then. So i got this because it was right near the check out stand. I dont remember prices but everything was cheaper back in the day.
Wear- 1 point: I got only 3 days wear before i noticed chips. This is also a thin glitter so it was harder to notice the chipping.
Opaque-1 point: like most older glitter polishes this was thin and saw more clear coat but at the same time you can really tell the colors of the glitter.

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