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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Newest Project: Project Garden

So i love fresh veggies and fruits and herbs. I have tried to grow things since i was like 16. So far they have been ok but my dad sees on spot of yellow and he throws the whole thing away. So now i have talked to my boyfriend and he's going to let me put them at his place once they are bigger. I got these at the dollar store so it will be interesting to see if they grow.

The first pic is what it looked like once i had planted the new seeds.

 The next two pics are after the first day after i watered. Ill be posting daily pics of my plants to show you guys how they are are coming along.

 Day two: still nothing but watered them. Packages says that it should be about 7 days for the seeds to grow sprouts.

I cant wait to see when they start growing.
Until next time...

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