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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day 74- Sinful Colors in Gogo Girl (58)

This pure, clean, HOOKER red, is prefect for any budding polish enthusiast. Pure red is really hard for some to pull off, and if your one of those ladies the good thing is that this can very easily be used for nail art. This is not in my local stores perm collection so I had to pick this up in a LE collection. 
Total: 8/10
Dry Speed: 1 point- It dried okay but I misjudged this polish for dry after 5 mins and got an impression of something. I can't remember what I had touched. I just remember looking at my nails and noticing it.
Application: 2 point- No streaks, just pure unadulterated color.
Price: 2 points- The price is why I bought it, that and I didn't have it. :D
Wear: 2 points- Jelly polishes love to stick on my nails. Yay!
Opaque: 1 point-I'm torn at this part. This isn't a cream like I expected its actually a jelly. What does that mean? Well its sheer but ultra shiny. Its also great for layering or tinting other polishes. If you want to wear this alone just know that you will have to add a few layers. 

Until next time!

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