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Friday, February 15, 2013

Day 75- Sinful Colors in Daredevil (57)

Daredevil is one of the newest shades that was added to the perm line. Its a bright pink with a blue sheen. Its's slightly visible in the picture of me holding the bottle. 
Total: 8/10
Dry Speed: 1 point- The top layer dried fairly fast, but it held the moisture in the bottom layers. You can kinda see an impression from were I touched my jeans.
Application: 2 points- This went on buttery smooth.
Price: 2 points- I picked this bad boy up during a .99 cent sale. AAA Ya that's the best part.
Wear: 1 point- This for the most part dried well but again the under coat held onto the moisture and my middle finger received the a beautiful impression of my jeans.
Opaque: 2 points- This is a two coat for full coverage, first coat was just a bit to sheer for my tastes.

Until next time!

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