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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Future of this blog!

So I thought I might give you guys an update. Some may care, some may not, but that's okay either way. I have posted before about getting a new job well that fell through a long time ago. I was still working on my AA at a local college but I knew that being 23, living at home, and in an area that has the worst unemployment rate in the state was NOT going to be good for me in the long run. So I decided I needed a major change, I wasn't sure what but I know what I dream about having and where I'm at now just seems like two different worlds. So I looked at the girl I see myself being and asked what I am missing. I realized a needed a back bone. I need to learn to be strong, independent, and above all how to say the word "NO". My kindness is usually taken for weakness and I hate that. So I did some calling around, and found out that the NAVY is looking for recruits. So I signed my contract on September 4, 2012. I am going into Aviation Electronics. What do plains and beauty have in common? ME! I scored high enough to get a job in the field that is most highly sought after, at first I was SO NOT HAPPY. I dread the idea of being sent over seas. I really just wanted a paperwork kind of job, but this will be okay. Now I am going into a field that will have some options when/if I do decide to go back to civilian life after I've served my four years.

So what does that mean for this blog? Well a few posts ago I mentioned that I had been continuing taking pictures even though I wasn't posting. So I'm going to be "posting" via scheduled posts(one thing I love about blogger, that I wish youtube had. Hint Hint GOOGLE) for the duration of my stay in Chicago(boot) once I have access to a computer then I will be posting again. Now with me being military it will mean that what I wear on a daily bases will change. I still want to post fun, crazy looks but know that they wont be military and specifically Navy approved looks. So I will also be posting Navy approved stuff as well. Which will help the blog to be a bit different than other beauty blogs, I feel. I'll wear my uniform if they are Navy approved and "civies" or civilian clothes if not. Terminology may change a little too. The Navy calls a lot of items by different names, ie bathroom= the head, floor=deck. I also wont always have a lot of make-up with me, but I'm hoping to have my car with me so things that wont be ruined by the Florida heat(my school is in Pensacola) I'll keep there.

I know that the Navy will help me become the person I want to be, if I survive boot camp. I'm excited and EXTREMELY nervous too. I just keep seeing myself in my Navy uniform and then I picture what I want for myself in later years. So far those too, plus the help from some good friends, I know that I CAN do this.

I leave March 4. Navy, Lets Do This!