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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Day 77 - Sinful Colors Dream On (55)

Ah Sinful Colors, how I love thee. Sadly this is not one of the colors that is at the top of my favorites list. Dream On is a beautiful blue based purple and very NEON. Sadly it's a matte polish and not labeled as such. Also the formula for Sinful Colors matte polishes are a little funny in that they tend to be a bit spotty. This is from the permanent line.
Total :5 /10
Dry Speed: 2 points- The one redeeming quality of this polish is that it drys ridiculously fast.
Application: 0 points- This is one of the worst polishes when it comes to all over application. Its not the brush, its the formula.
Price: 2 points- In my area, I can get Sinful Colors for 1.99, and sometimes its .99. I tend to go a bit crazy on the .99 sales. Good thing I bought all of the colors I didn't have last time.
Wear: 0 points- I got a full day of this with out a top coat, with a top it only lasted an extra half day. Not going to lie kinda sad about that.
Opaque: 1 point- This is every bit as bright as in the bottle but I would need 3 coat (ring finger) to get complete coverage. A bit excessive for me.
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