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Monday, March 19, 2012

Nail Swatches: BonBon and Sally Girl (38-44)

I have been active in keeping my nails painted and I had every intention of showing you guys everytime. I dont know what happened so I'm giving you a huge dose of pretty polish.

 This beauty is again a BonBon. It is a little shear but in this case I for some reason really like the two toned affect I had going on. The lasting ability was not so great at three days.
 This jelly like polish happens to be from Sallys Beauty Supplies line. Its called surfs up, I loved the color in the bottle and was hoping for a more opaque version of what I got. This was 3 coats and as you can see it takes longer than normal to dry. On a side note it did last 4 days, even on the ruff nails.
This Glitter polish is again a BonBon. This looks on the nails exactly as it does in the bottle. It was a good solid polish as far as chipping went and lasted 4-5 days. I also tried later on to see if I could get a more solid version, all I got was a nice thick coat of polish and not much more coverage.
This BonBon was a huge disappointment to me. I was looking at this as a beautiful duo-chrome mini polish. Its a gray based just like the Wet n Wild Grays Anatomy. I have seen that so many love it and at the time I didn't have the funds for it. I also keep forgetting to pick it up when I do. The duo-chrome is only visable in the sunlight and sadly my camara didn't want to show you.
This little baby is such a sweet pink color. I think I would love it if it was just a tad bit more opaque. Also the glitter wasn't bad to remove. A three day mani for me.
I promise this is a completely different pink. This BonBon has a slight gold undertone and larger glitter than the one above. Also this is a shade lighter and was harder to capture the true color as it blended in nicely with my pink tones.
I know this polish is really hard to see, but its a light green glitter from BonBon. I think this will make a great top coat for an extra sparkle but by its self its just not enough. I have like four coats on here. I took the picture at a funny angle trying to capture the sparkle but it was not my night for good pictures I guess.

I hope I didn't over load on the polishes. I just have been a little busy but I still like to try to keep my nails pretty even if my face is bare.

Until next time...

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