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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Polish Be Gone

Well I did it. I finished a bottle of polish! Woot woot. I have like 5 bottles of used top coat. I would lose one and buy another and then lose the new one. I have now found all of those half used bottles of top coat. I had been using the Sally Hansen Super Shine for about 2 months now and it had finally got below the brush. So I dumped what was left in to my next almost used top coat. If I was smart I would have kept the bottle for frankening my own polish ;) But I didn't it went in the garbage. Oh well, I do feel proud of myself for finishing another beauty product. From now on I get to use Orly Top2Bottom polish. I found it was crap for a base coat but made really pretty shiney nails as a top coat.

Have you guys used up any products so far?

Until next time...

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