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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Influencer Vox Box Review

So today I am going to review the Something Blue Vox box from Influenster. This was sent to me free of charge for review purposes.
This is the box I got its more of a pink than a purple in real life. And once you open it up it looks like this.
On top are a few pages on whats contained in the box.
The kiss lashes one is actually a coupon for a dollar off another set of lashes. Nice bonus. Now onto the item for review.
Hmmm at first looks I'm not sure what to think. This is supposed to be a box that's suppose to be full of products to be used at a wedding. So lets dig further and see what is actually in the box.
So if this was my wedding or if I was attending a wedding ache and pain relief to go is going to be a big plus. I wouldn't be wearing my glasses due to glare in the mass of photos that will be taken. Between no glasses and all the loud noises I can only foresee a headache coming. Ill just slip that into my little purse and bam! headache-be-gone!

 Now for those oh so perfect pearly whites. Luster Now! is an instant whitening toothpaste! Very nice indeed. Who doesn't want that all the time? Ill definitely be doing a further review of this. I have soft teeth that discolor easily and if they found a way to bottle that oh so white after the dentist whiting effect Im sold. Take my monies now please!

As a single girl I have to have ready to flirt eyes. A little falsies to give my eyes that extra vrooom! I have a choice between soft and sweet 01 and Lush and sexy 03. Personally I'd go with the 03's because I'm sweet enough. And you can never have to much sexy. Then when you get on the dance floor and you dance til you start sweating and your makeup is starting to melt off you can touch it up with the qtips.  The points on the ends will really help to fix the smudges under your eyes without pulling too much
Now just think if you inserted these ball of foot inserts into your skyscraper heels then you may just find yourself dancing in those ridiculous shoes that you thought would be perfect for the big day. You might even get more than 2 songs in too. I have used these already in my wedges that I love but since I started wearing boots everyday all day for my job my feet can't really handle being in heels for long. I was able to get a solid 4 hours in my wedges with these. Considering I only got 30 mins in them before I count this as a must have item even if you aren't going to a wedding any time soon.

I hope this review was helpful. If you would like to join influenser just leave your email down below and Ill send you and invite. I only have 5 to give away but once you are invited you have 5 to give away yourself. 

Until next time...

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