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Friday, October 4, 2013

Sinful Colors in Hot Spot (66)

So I found this on a very random day. I went in to browse and see if there was anything new. I saw they were restocking the cosmetics section and there was a pile of old shelves with some random Sinful Colors in them. This little guy was right in front just singing for me to take him home with me. So I did. It's a deep blue metallic. Im pretty sure it was a LE from an old collection so I don't think you can get it.
Total /10
Dry Speed: 2 points- Layers dried quickly.
Price: 2 points- $1.99
Application: 1 point- The bottle and the brush were fine but I had trouble getting it to go on even.
Opaque: 1 point- Streaked on the first coat and was better after the second.
Wear: 2 points- This pic was taken after 2 days of wear. Still looks like I just applied.


  1. Hi trinity can You take high pictures of your iris? they're beautiful :)