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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Eyeshadows! My Beauty Addiction

So I found this lovely company on facebook of all places. My Beauty Addiction is ran by a wonderful woman names Sherrie. Her and her daughter Holly(who is a new mommy, Congrats!) do everything. The best part everything is completely natural. I shop from her often enough to tell you these are great products. I have over 80 samples of her shadows and thats just a small amount compared to the whole eyeshadow selection she has. She has recently come out with a collection called Molten Metals. I have just bought 5 of these beautiful shadows. I had a little trouble with them because they not like most shadows... I found that appling them wet was the best and easiest way to apply. I also bought a shadow that I had bought a sample of but I ran out/have very little of left. Lately she has been offering shadows of the day. Which means that a full 5g jar goes from $5 to $3. Its really awsome and a few times she has taken suggestions on which color she should make the shadow of the day. If your looking for some really glittery shadows she has the Twinkle FX collection which is her newest collection. I got Black Magic as a sample when I ordered the last time. Let's just say its Glitter-rific.

Here are swatches of the shadows that I just got:

Until next time...

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