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Thursday, August 18, 2011

MAC Collection 8.2011

So this little group is from 3 shopping sprees. I promise I didnt buy all of this in one stop. My first stop way for my graduation girt to myself. I had finished off one gloss so I wanted to pick up a pretty one from MAC. I was goin to get a dazzle glass, but when I tested one that I liked, it was SUPER sticky and I really didnt like that. The rep that was helping me suggested that I try a cremesheen glass because the text is so soft and creamy. I didnt really see any that jumped out at me and screamed "take me home" so I asked for a suggestion. The rep got me a sample of Boy Bait and I fell in love. Its nude enough to look good on its own but I can pair it with a different lip stick and it would make it look better not washed out. Im so happy I bought this beauty.
Next I knew I was going to need a palette soon for my shadows as I already had quite a few, or at least I feel like I have a lot since I started buy MAC.

I also have really pale skin and oily lids so I needed to grab a matte highlight color that was goin to soften any look I did and my mylar is just my skin tone so its great to blend but not for a highlight. I grabbed Gesso, FINALLY! I'd been looking for this bad boy for a while it took like 3 or 4 trips to MAC to finally find it in stock. This color is a matte and is exactly what i wanted/needed.

Next I figured I needed a brown to do more natural looks, plus I didnt really have a good crease color. The girl who was helping me showed me so many really pretty browns. I wanted to get something matte, seeing as I have so many sparklies already. This is handwritten it's a matte2. I asked what the difference is between a matte and a matte2, I was informed the regular mattes tend to just stick in a single spot if you have dry lids. Matte2 are a lot creamer and smoother so they are a lot more blendable on all skin types.

Then I recently got hired at Beauty and the Beach salon. So from my first check I got 3 beautiful shadows. I had created a wishlist and carbon was on it so I grabbed it. Then I remembered how pretty fig 1 was the last time I was in and I knew that I needed it soon. Plus pink venus just jumped up and said to take it home.

This last picture is how I have my palette layed out as of right now. Not very much in it in comparison to others but I love what I have so far! Can't wait to fill it up.

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