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Monday, May 30, 2011

Nail Swatch: 416A by Wet n' Wild (23)

This is another of my first polishes. this first time i used this polish was to paint my grandma's dog Teddy's toe nails on her front paws. She wasn't happy but she didn't get up and move either. My grandma was surprised that she let me do it because Teddy didn't like her paws touched like most dogs.

Review 7/10
 Dry Speed: 1 point- Dried normal.
Application: 1 points- Was a little thick, most likely because of age.
Price: 2 points- One of my first polishes and I really can't remember the price.
Wear: 1 point- 3 days wear, not bad for ancient polish.
Opaque: 2 points- One coat would have done it but im a 2 coats of polish kind of girl.

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